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Q: What is your sorority doing during Covid-19?

A: Alpha Omicron chapter is allowing members to opt-out of our normal sorority requirements on a semester basis, changing their membership status while still allowing them the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega. Sisterhood activities are all virtual and volunteering is not required as of AU2020 semester. Members who do not live in the house are unable to enter until further notice, to ensure safety for members who live in the house. 

Q: Does going Greek cost anything?  What if I am unable to afford it? 

A: Yes, there is a semesterly fee to be in a Greek Organization.  This money goes towards maintaining the house, putting on social functions, and benefits the chapter at a National level as well.  Alpha Chi Omega offers financial plans to help you pay your fees in increments as well as in full, depending on what you are most comfortable with. 


Q: How many girls live in the house? Does it ever get distracting?

A:  Alpha Omicron chapter has 38-40 girls living in the house.  Although there are a lot of girls living in one place, the house has quiet hours, a study room, and weekly study hours are held at the libraries on campus. Getting to live with sisters is one of the most memorable experiences for many collegiates!


Q: I'm an upperclassmen, is it too late for me to join a sorority? 

A: Of course not! It is never too late to join.  Our pledge classes are made up of all grades and Alpha Chi Omega isn't just a 4 year commitment, but lifelong.  After graduation, you can also join a alumnae chapter as well! 


Q: What if I don't have the time?

A: All of our members are very involved with other organizations in addition to Alpha Chi Omega, and we encourage a well-rounded involvement throughout the university. We are willing to work with you! 


Q: My parents don't approve of me joining a sorority.

A: Explain to them why you want to join and all of the benefits you will gain.  Networking, a new support system, and Greeks actually hold a higher GPA than the university average! 


Q: I know an outstanding young woman who would make a great member of Alpha Chi Omega. How can I recommend her?

A: Thank you so much for wanting to share our sisterhood with her! Please refer to the following online recommendation form:






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