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Badge: The Lyre because it was the first instrument played by the gods on Mt. Olympus.


Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green to commemorate the autumn founding of Alpha Chi Omega. 


Flower: Scarlet Carnation

Jewel: White Pearl


Features of the crest: the lyre bird, an open book, olive green bar containing three white stars, a sheaf of wheat, and the "Together Let Us Seek the Heights" motto. 


What does "Alpha Chi Omega" mean? 

The beginning and the end. 

Alpha= first letter of the Greek alphabet

Chi= "and"

Omega= last letter of the Greek alphabet


Brand Tagline: Real. Strong. Women.

Want to know more about our history? Check out our National's website here

Address: 103 E 15th Avenue

                 Columbus, OH 43201


Fun Fact: We have the only working balcony on Greek Row! 


House Features: Workout room, chef, DVR, a guest room, central air.

Founded: October 15, 1885 at DePauw University


Founders: Anna Allen, Olive Burnett, Bertha Deniston, Amy Dubois, Nellie Gamble, Bessie Grooms, and Estelle Leonard 


Motto: "Together Let Us Seek the Heights" 

Come visit us!

"Home is where your story begins"

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